CFE has been a big name in the field of accounting and finance ever since its establishment. It has been 16 years since then and CFE has been propelled to the heights of excellence by its marvelous students and teachers who strive to reach a certain level of perfection all the time. When CFE first started it was just a simple accounting college with not much value and illustrious name. But over the passage of time, CFE has been able to create a grand name for itself and a position among the leading colleges of Pakistan.

Emergence of CFE, as one of the opulent names, is because of a numerous reason. One being the innovative curriculum system that has been introduced in CFE utilizing the latest and most practical form of technologies. It is Recognizable nationally as well as internationally because of that. CFE has managed to maintain a good name with a yield of 80,000 students in total. All of these students have been a source of bringing good name to CFE through their dedication to work and excellent levels of skill.

CFE has been able to manage good terms and associations with internationally recognized institutions. This has been a key factor in raising the name of CFE to the prominent list of colleges. CFE has maintained its relation for 16 years with the internationally and well as nationally based institutes such as ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, UK), ICAP (Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan), CIMA (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, UK), KAPLAN University UK, PU Affiliated Pakistan, Board of intermediate and Secondary Education.

After the dedicated and considerate professionals getting together to structure the future of students in Pakistan, CFE started to move on and explore different fields and was nowhere left behind in creating an elite name in various arenas as well. This makes CFE not just one single college of a certain course, instead it was the ‘CFE Group of Colleges’. Currently every year CFE gives a yield of 10,000 graduates from different fields and courses in all of its main subsidiaries.

CFE manages to stand out of all the other colleges because of it exceptional faculty members. Who have come from different grounds and fields yet manage to stay focused on one aim, i.e. to raise CFE to the standards of brilliance. The Principal faculty at CFE includes 10-CAs, 20-ACCAs, 2-CFAs, 8-CMAs, and 2-Barristers in four campuses. When such great members form a team, virtuosity is a guarantee. To top this all, the team at CFE contains all of the renowned and experienced professors to serve the apprentices.

CFE has been the leading source of providing grads to the corporate sector. Around 5,500 students are signed under different programs at CFE. All with the potential of providing 90% results every year. CFE provides students with all the must have facilities to get their careers groomed and stipulates a very conducive environment to its students. CFE has its own Library for the students to go through all the knowledge in the world right in the college. Library is open for students all the time. Students can consult their teachers and professors for any aid in their courses and counselling for their profession and jobs.

CFE has its own scheduled classes for all the courses at every campus. This attendance system is unflawed to keep the students streamlined and systematic. CFE ensures every student extremely high passing rate. CFE has been a major source of industry entrants. CFE doesn’t just work its business it ensures the safe future of students in the heart of the corporate sector and industries.

CFE doesn’t only mean books and classes and exams. Instead CFE has a very pleasurable environment for its students who are interested in games and sports or any other extracurricular activities. CFE clearly sees this phrase ‘All work and no play makes Jake a dull boy’ and makes sure that no one in CFE is a dull boy. So CFE has its own way of fulfilling the needs of students other than studies.

CFE is the one of the institutes which is GCUF Affiliated College that provides a reasonably affordable and quality education in association with the world best institutions. The degree program here is justly value for money. The level of coaching here is way beyond the amount of money students pay. There are proper departmental infra structures that are constructed in CFE and they make sure all of the students and professors meet their necessities. CFE knows its priorities and it functions accordingly. It takes its students along after measuring and categorizing them according to their performances. It takes different remedial measures according to the need and through suggesting the teachers about different teaching methodology and custom-built coaching methods. All of this is to ensure that the students enrolling in CFE meet the standards of excellence while in CFE and even after passing out.