Seminars and Sports Activities

An all-rounded university system includes cultural events along with social and sports. At CFE Lahore, it is considered the most important aspect to provide its students the basic education of taking extracurricular activities along with their studies. CFE has a student affair center that aids in offering students the list of main clubs or sport complexes that they need to enhance their skills in one particular sports. This makes the stay of the students of CFE an enriching experience for a life time.

Life at CFE Pakistan is not just about preparing for the exams and assignments all the time. There is a lot more to offer to the students. That includes never ending events which are primarily organized by students themselves. Students of CFE has a lot of sense to polish themselves and be prepared for a professional life that they are going to step in real soon. They have the vibrancy of tradition in them as well as ability to form and work under a community. All of this help add some colors into the monotony of tough academic routines of students.

There is an immense need of planning and executing different sports and game platforms for pupils of different universities to develop social contacts and sportsmanship among them also to see the potential that every student has. CFE doesn’t help to develop a student just for studies, instead it manages to create a relationship between academic excellence and physical fitness. CFE has managed to arrange versatile events for its students that ranges from debates, seminars, speeches, sports, tournaments, matches, guest speakers, social and cultural activities and many more. One never gets enough of them.

Students of CFE Lahore, have participated in different tournaments and programs at national and international levels and have managed to bring laurels to their institute. Different tournaments have been arranged under the name of Evento which has helped students gather at one platform and do what is necessary to array such organizations that can contact to various institutes and HEC for the arrangements of sports events. Great number of tournaments have been arranged by CFE Lahore which includes Football, table tennis, cricket and a lot more.

There is a proper management of sports in CFE. Everything is arranged under the highly supervised environment. There is a football team that is maintained by Agha Noor. Everyone who is interested in football and wants a tournament has to do this under the leadership of Agha Noor who is a big name while it comes to football tournaments. For cricket, there is Sir Adnan Rasheed, who himself is a big fan of cricket and is a very sincere coach as well. He has maintained an unparalleled reputation of arranging successful events and tournaments of cricket as well. He is easily approachable to students who want to take parts in cricket tournaments.

There are countless tournaments arranged of table tennis as well. This team and tourneys are managed by Ahmed Choudhry. He has managed to create a very well-known name for himself. He is famous among all the table tennis players with a name ‘Banzema’. He has brought success to CFE Pakistan by playing in different tournaments and being the victor in almost each one of them. He has performed in LUMS and UMT and many more universities in Pakistan and has made CFE prouder every time he gets back with an award. These counsellors of students in sports have also managed to have a very professional code of conduct when it comes to academics and have never compromised on anything less than best in it.

By arraying all of these sports and seminars CFE makes sure to make its students analytical and critical thinkers who have the ability to make decisions just as soon as they get into a situation. They are the best team makers when they walk into corporate sector as they have played under a leader and have a great experience of team valuations. This capability of quick decision-making helps them to handle business issues very properly and makes them able to integrate objective investigation with subjective conclusions in a way that adds value to decision process.