Registered Accounting Education Tutors (RAET)

Registered Accounting Education Tutors (RAET)

Education is an important part of a human’s life. But not all humans understand it. Thankfully the concept of learning ages back to the times when the fire was created with the help of rocks. So, it helps humans to learn new things every now and then without actually being “educated”. There were the times when education was not approachable by everyone, but those who can approach the schools easily were getting educated without the worries of a competition. Those were simpler and better times. But those times have gone a long before and feel like a dream now. Because, as of today, schools and colleges are everywhere and approachable by everyone. But the students and parents are pretty confused and conscious about picking one school out of many. The decision of choosing a better school for the children is based on a number of facts such as the quality education, the co-curricular activities, the number of platforms where the school is recognized, etc. Almost every institute seen around the country provides education in a number of fields. But the question that arises in a student’s mind before choosing one from all is, what makes this school better than all?

Institutes of Accounting and Finance

Just like any other school, the institutes and colleges that provide the education of accounting and finance are also numerous. Just as the number of colleges for accounting and finance has risen, so did the competition between those colleges. The students who want to be a part of the accounting and finance community have been given a lot of thoughts to different schools lately. Let’s not talk about the whole country’s schools which are providing the education of accounting and finance. But the number of schools in Lahore have been going crazy lately. For accounting and finance, the quality is measured through a number of certifications or recognition among several national and international bodies. Out of many, the main accreditation by following professional bodies is considered the most important;

·         Fellow & Registered Accounting Education Tutors (RAET) of Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan

·         Approved Learning Partner of ACCA-UK with Gold Status.

·         ACCA-UK Licensed CBE Centre

·         Approved Computer Centre of Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan

·         Registered Education Provider of Institute of Cost and Management Accountants of Pakistan

·         Premier Tuition Provider and Exam Centre of British Institute of Management Studies and the Scottish Qualification Authority

·         Authorized Representative of Kaplan Financial

·         Approved Computer Competency Practical Training Centre of Institute of Public Finance Accountants, Pakistan

Registered Accounting Education Tutors (RAET)

Among other certifications, this certificate is considered a vital one for a college of accounting and finance. Just as the name suggests this certificate indicates the institute like the one which is entitled as Registered Accounting Education Tutor (RAET) of The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan (ICAP) – the central body of CA qualification. The college who is a certificate holder of RAET is imparting professional knowledge and career education in the field of accountancy and offering world-renowned professional accountancy qualifications. Today CFE is a name to reckon with in accountancy education circles. The CFE group of colleges is one of the many names who is Registered Accounting Education Tutors (RAET).

CFE as Registered Accounting Education Tutors (RAET)

CFE Group of colleges is a very renowned college of finance and accounting. It has managed to have an unparalleled reputation of one of the best accounting colleges in Lahore for almost 20 years now. Among other accreditations that this college has attached to its name, Registered Accounting Education Tutors (RAET) is one of them. It is not only helping a large number of students but also has yielded good results. When studying at its modern and centrally located campus you will have all the benefits of student life. It is located at the main road of Garden Town, the main commercial and conveniently located area of Lahore City, Pakistan.

It has state of the art air-conditioned classrooms, library, computer laboratory, café, prayer facilities, front desks, and ample parking area. It is dedicated to delivering its students with an enhanced and first-class education system through an ambience which is informing and uplifting at the same time, certifying its students can emphasize fully on their studies and attain best results. It appreciates the needs of a modern student and believes that the quality of their learning depends crucially upon the quality of the teachers and administrative support. it has hence built a credible team of experienced teachers and admin staff, who are all working to ensure the success of our students.

It is continually re-evaluating itself to certify that it remains at the forefront of fluctuating times and continue producing the best value for money service to its scholars.