• Candidate having 2-year Bachelor (14-year of education, i.e., BA/ B.Sc./ B.Com etc) from a recognized university/ institute

Benefits of Studying Master of Commerce from CFE

  • CFE has the required faculty in accordance to the standards set by Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education. All the faculty members are qualified professionals from prestigious institutions around the globe
  • The infrastructure of CFE has been designed not only to accommodate the required number of students but give them the comfort provided by an A grade institution of Pakistan
  • CFE has state of the art computer laboratories providing students with an absolute learning environment
  • CFE has properly organized and well-developed library that helps students to fulfill their self-study requirements
  • Cafeterias of all of our campuses help students relax after hectic study hours
  • Placement offices strive for students’ job placements in esteemed organizations

CFE's Affiliation

Affiliated with private sector Universities


Financial Assistance

  • The financial assistance approved will be applicable for the current session only. If a student wishes to apply for the next session, a new application along with the new enclosure will be required and complete procedure to be followed.
  • The financial assistance approved in the previous qualification will not be carried forward. The new application will be assessed again


  • The form should be submitted to Manager Coordination/ Manager Operations.
  • Students will be interviewed by Manager Coordination/ Manager Operations.
  • Based on the interview, the recommendation is made to the Principal for Financial Assistance.
  • Principal approves the Financial Assistance as per policies of the institute and keeping in view the budget of donations-allocated.
  • All applications will be processed within one week of submission.


  • 50% Fee Concession at 80% or more marks in B.Com/ B.Sc/ B.A.
  • 40% Fee Concession at 75% or more marks in B.com/ B.Sc/ B.A.
  • 30% Fee Concession at 70% or more marks in B.Com.
  • 20% Fee Concession at 65% or more marks in B.Com.
  • Suzuki Mehran will be given to our students who obtain 1st position in the final examination of M.Com/ MBA.
  • For scholarship holder, the same fee will be charged in 2nd year if he/ she maintains prescribed marks percentage in the annual examination.
  • 30% concession is offered to those students who pass B.Com with 60% marks from CFE Group of Colleges.
  • Cash or other prizes are awarded to those students who gain position in the monthly and mid-term exams. Prizes are also offered for showing excellence performance in various extracurricular activities.


First Year
Paper Name Qualification Teaching Experience Email
Financial Management Zubair Arshad PhD (Scholar), MS/M. Phil (Commerce), M.Com, DFM, ACFA 7 zubair.arshad@cfe.edu.pk
Shahzaman Sherazi ACCA, M.Com 2
Non-Banking Financial Faheem Shaheen M.Com (PU), MBA Executive (PU) 6
Business Management Saqib-ur-Rehman M. Phil (HR) 9
International Business & Finance Muhammad Awais Baloch PhD Scholar, MS/ M. Phil, MBA (Mktg & HRM) 4 awais@cfe.edu.pk
Mohsin Raza M.Com, M. Phil (Cont.) 7
Organizational Behaviour Mubashir Waseem Rana MSc (Eco), MBA, MCS, M. Phil HRM (Cont.) 12 mubashir@cfe.edu.pk
Principal of Marketing Mubashir Waseem Rana MSc (Eco), MBA, MCS, M. Phil HRM (Cont.) 12 mubashir@cfe.edu.pk
Muhammad Awais Baloch PhD Scholar, MS/ M. Phil, MBA (Mktg & HRM) 4 awais@cfe.edu.pk
IInter-PersonalSkill Shahid Habib MA (English) MBA, MS Management Leading to PhD (Cont.) 25
Gull Zareen Khan MA English, MA Applied Linguistics, MA International HRM 3
Banking Law & Practice in Pakistan Faheem Shaheen M.Com (PU), MBA Executive (PU) 6

Admission Rules 

  • College can refuse, very, reverse or terminate any enrolment on the basis of untrue, misleading or incomplete information.
  • Reviewing and interpreting policies for better academic discipline by the College authority is not challengeable. No prior notice is obligatory.
  • To accommodate modern trends College authorities have complete right to change the course requirement, fee, course nomenclature, course content, class schedules, venue, faculty, etc. any time.
  • In case of any change in my mailing address, the student shall immediately inform the College Office.
  • 80% attendance and 60% marks are a must in the previous year/ for continuing fee concession/ scholarship in the next year. For this purpose, a fresh application shall be submitted.
  • Any student aggrieved by any event in the College shall lodge a complaint with the Principal/Registrar and not with outside authority unless the Principal/ Registrar permit him/ her to do so.
  • The college has the right to withdraw scholarships/ discount and any other fee concession provided to the students subject to his non-compliance with a prescribed stipulation.
  • In case of failure in send-up examination/ poor attendance/dues default, the student shall be treated as ineligible to apply/ appear for Board/ University/ College Examination.
  • Students shall attend classes regularly as required by the institution as well as by the Board regulations.
  • The registration/ admission fees of Board and University shall be paid by the students.
  • All fees are non-refundable and non-transferable Student shall apply for admission with the consent of the parents/guardians. If admitted, the student shall abide by the rules and regulations of the College.
  • If admitted, student shall abide by the rules and regulations of the College.

MCOM Subjects Details

M.COM is a degree program which is designed especially for the students who want to pursue their degree in commerce, accounting and economics subjects. This program is offered to the students who have done bachelors in commerce. The M.COM Subjects cover the core competencies in finance, economics, and commerce fields. This program is preferable for those pupils who are in the mid or senior level of their careers in management or commerce and want further knowledge in their chosen field. This is a two-year degree program and covers the main areas of knowledge for the accounting and finance department which is designed specifically to produce socially responsible and competent individuals. The students are expected to keep pace with the ever-changing tides of the service sectors. The electives that are offered in MCOM subjects are carefully selected bearing in mind the need for apprentices to cram these subjects to be in lieu of the current commerce medians.

The pattern to study M.COM subjects is formulated in such a way that it includes case study and role-play method which in result helps the students to be more responsive and have a deeper knowledge of the courses and apply their learnings in real life problems. The students who pay a lot of attention are keen to understand the ups and downs of financial markets nationally and internationally are more likely to get a head-start into their careers with a leading company in their field of interest. Therefore, the selection of electives for students from MCOM subjects is crucial as it states the interest of students and for him/her to be in tune with the latest industry trends. This way the knowledge the student gains through classroom lectures can be transferred to the field’s work and financial problems when needed. Students have the option of moving forward with their research work as well following the infrastructure provided to them for this by different institutes of commerce.

M.COM Subjects List

There is a list of M.COM Subjects provided to students by different institutes. Some are compulsory which one has to study throughout his years of MCOM whereas some are elective and can be chosen according to one’s interest.

First year

First Semester                                                  Second Semester

No. Course Title No. Course Title
1 Speech Communication 03 1 Environmental Sciences 03
2 Business Economics 03 2 Business Research Methods 03
3 Strategic Marketing 03 3 Introduction to Finance 03
4 Business Mathematics 03 4 Organizational Behavior 03
5 Financial Accounting 03 5 Statistical Inference 03
6 Entrepreneurship 03 6 Management Accounting Tech. 03

Second Year

No. Course Title No. Course Title
1 Advanced Management 03 1 Community Development 03
2 International Business 03 2 Management Information System 03
3 Managerial Accounting 03 3 Strategic Management 03
4 Research Project 03 4 Financial Management 03

First Semester                                                  Second Semester

 Different fields for specialization offered during the MCOM degree program are as follows.



Governmental Accounting

Computerized Accounting              

Accounting Function in Business    

  1. FINANCE    B

Financial Appraisal

International Banking

Working Capital Management



International Business Management

Public Sector Management

Regulation and Control – The Legal Environment of Business

Production Management


Marketing Management

Industrial Marketing

Marketing Research

Brand Management    


Islamic Banking

Islamic Modes of Finance


Seminar on Current Banking Issues

 Fields of specialization for last semester.

  1. ACCOUNTING              

Specialized Accounting

Accounting System

Corporate Law/Advanced Accounting

Advanced Auditing (Application)


Financial Institutions

Financial Statement Analysis

Corporate International Finance

Financial Management Decision Making

  1. MANAGEMENT                        

Quantitative Techniques in Management

Human Resource Management

Environment and Economics of Business

Management Information System

  1. MARKETING                 

Advertising and Promotion

Global Marketing

International Marketing Seminar

Marketing Policy


Regulations for Financial Institutions

Marketing of Financial Services

Bank Risk Management

Credit Management in Banks

After the completion of M.COM degree program, students open a gateway of success for them. They have a number of options from which they can choose to track their future and career into. For instance, students can join government or private organizations and companies as a specialist in any of the main torrents of commerce, as economics and accountancy or he/she can work as accounts executive or management executive or he can pursue his career in other sectors, for example, banking and finance, auditing, electronic marketing, funds management, management consulting and stock broking.

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