I.Com Or ICS

A person’s basic leadership is the most looked for after expertise in every single vocation; regardless of which work you do; your prosperity will be founded on the thinking connected behind the choices you take. This ability is impelled in an understudy every once in a while, and it begins directly after you complete your tenth grade. Prior to tenth, the main decision you made was choosing your second dialect. After tenth, the story changes- – out of the blue, you have the guiding wheel of your profession.

All these courses cover the main fundamentals and laws that are required for computer studies along with some minor subjects which are for the general knowledge of a student. In this field, there is no Chemistry and Biology.

This field will have the most astounding interest in Pakistan in the following 5 years. This circumstance presently exists in India where guardians feel glad if his child is chosen in the IT fields. There are in excess of 50 fields you can choose. You can get accomplishment in software engineering just on the off chance that you have intrigue, you have interest how the web functions you have interest what number of transistors are in the Intel i9 and you’re interested how a site function.

You should select ICS if you want to be a:

Software applications developer.

Computer systems analyst.

Computer systems engineer.

Network systems administrator. Daily

Database administrator.

Business intelligence analyst.

Web developer.

Computer programmer.

Game developer

App developer

Whereas for ICOM, the core courses are commerce and business related. For ICOM students the best options are Business, accounting, finance and economics. So all the students that want a career in business related firms or companies should choose ICOM in their intermediate. The subjects which the understudies have to study during this period are,



Islamic Education and Pakistan Studies

Principal of Accounting

Principal of Economics/Commercial

Pak studies

Principal of Commerce/Banking

Business Mathematics/Statistics

After ICOM there are a number of courses or degrees which one can achieve with his high interest in commerce and business.

Best Career options after ICOM (Inter in Commerce)

Chartered Accountancy (CA)

Business Administration BBA

BS Business Economics

BS Insurance & Risk Management

BS Public Administration

BS Islamic Banking

BS Economics & Management

BS Entrepreneurship

BS International Business & Trade

BS Applied Management

BS Islamic Business & Economics

BS Leadership & Management Studies

BS Quality Management

BS Sales & Marketing

BS Tourism Management

BS Accounting

BS Applied Accounting

BS Banking & Finance

BS Business Accounting & Finance

Bachelor of Commerce BCOM

BS Economics & Finance

BS Finance & Investment