Evento The Club

Students at any institute play a very important role in developing an educational institute and bringing good fortune to it. At the same time, students feel an urge to be someone right after they step into the territories of the campus. Students at CFE are nothing different from usual when they join CFE. Some are very shy and nervous to gel in while some are here to conquer the world. Both types want some platform where they can spend their lives in the campus the way they want to. Societies are the best thing that can make an assistance to students and that can be beneficial to them in every way.

Students at CFE usually come with a mindset of creating the best in every limited time span and taking every opportunity that comes their way and CFE Lahore totally understand this yearning to do something big among students. There’s more to life than studies. Everything a student does develops his personality and helps in his grooming. Thus CFE has created a Club for the students of CFE Lahore by the name EVENTO THE CLUB (ETC). This club provides the main platform to students to help build their personality as well as their resumes.

ETC is an umbrella group that covers everything or every interest of a student to dive in. It starts off with the suggestions that come from the members of ETC right after they do a survey of the campus students and their interests. Students can join this club on a volunteer basis and that means if a student can’t commit to the club due to some reasons he can join it for the only event he is available or interested in. There is no as such compulsion for the student to join it or to stay a part of it if they don’t want to.

The main aim of this club is to provide students with opportunities to explore themselves and market fields. This club arranges versatile kind of events in which students can meet entrepreneurial persons and discuss their ideas on a professional basis. This club is to encourage the students of CFE Pakistan to take part in different regional, national and international events. Usually, every institute has different clubs and societies for different purposes. But CFE provides its students with a general group with no limitations or boundaries. The Eventians can be versatile and think of any event they want to organize and explore every field without shifting to any new group every time.

The ETC Club serves many more purposes than just arranging events. Life at CFE Lahore offers students more to life than studies and exams. ETC being the only general club of CFE allows students to merge nicely with each other even when they belong to different fields and departments. ETC Club serves majorly for making new friends, for learning new skills, for keeping fit and healthy, for impressing employers, for making a difference, and also just to have fun.

Students are well known for their creative nature and activism, so university offers an ideal ground to come together and campaign what matters the most. It is generally known that in this competitive world that we live in now-a-days degree is not enough to cut in. Companies look for more in their employees such as some skills to work under pressure or team work. For one to stand out among all he needs to have a certain type of experiences and skills already, before passing out. ETC club in CFE Group Of Colleges helps you maintain an unparalleled reputation for handling situations in different circumstances, meet deadlines and handle responsibilities. Thus, ETC in CFE Lahore helps build the personality of its students in the best way possible.