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Department of Student Affairs

Department of Student Affairs

About us

CFE is a prominent private sector institution of Pakistan that offers students services for both fresh graduates as well as alumni through devoted staff members of the department of student affairs.


Department of Student Affairs aspires to make CFE competitive in serving students.


Assisting and empowering students to achieve their highest potential and to enrich their educational experience through student centric support services.


The key responsibility of Department of Student Affairs (DSA) at CFE is to groom all the skills for both students and alumni by organizing a wide range of students support related activities such as sports, individual advisory services, on campus co-curricular activity and facilities, opportunities to have scholarships, orientations, cultural functions, grievance sharing etc..

The DSA encourages students to take personal responsibility to utilize its services to develop their career oriented skills from freshman through last year and beyond. Moreover, it teaches students the skills necessary to formulate successful strategies and facilitate on campus progression. DSA is dedicated to meet student’s needs and is open to provision of individualizing services. It is a comprehensive unit that assists students in a variety of ways throughout their stay at the institution and even after graduation.

The commitment to serve potential employers in particular and participants will continue with zeal and vigor. In short, DSA also serves as the pathway for students for their overall development.