With the advancing world the field of Management has earned a lot of scope. CFE provides M.COM, BBA and MBA degrees to the candidates. The sense of business is inculcated in the students and they are fully equipped with all the knowledge to move cope with the business world. Our School of Management Sciences is one of the best schools that provide exposure to the business world, changing trends and the globalized world.

CFE Group of Colleges is a devoted beneficiary of excellence tutoring run by a self-motivated team of professionals who have vast experience of running effect educational institutes and teaching. CFE group of colleges has a strong relationship with the business world because it has maintained a good name and by providing the outside world the best of students in all the fields of Management sciences. CFE Group of colleges is one of the best colleges of management sciences in Lahore that manages to provide full exposure of the business world, globalization, trends and strategies to its students.

In CFE Group of colleges, there are a number of management and sciences fields which are offered to the students which include,, BBA, MBA etc. In CFE Group of Colleges, the knowledge of business and management sciences is inculcated in the brains of students through strategical study methods and the students are made fully equipped to raise the bar of excellence in the business sphere. There is a list of teachers who are masters in their fields and have an experience of teaching the students about all the relevant knowledge so that it can be used to uplift the business of different firms and companies.

The scope of Management and sciences had been growing ever since the business world is expanding. All the companies and firms in the country and worldwide need a business manager or finance manager to manage the growth of their business in the most excellent, professional and ethical way. The best choice of every business firm for the business managers is CFE group of Colleges for its exceptional policies of teachings and offering the outside world the aspirants who have all the knowledge to lead the business firms and make it out stand all the others.

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CFE Group of Colleges started out as an industry competitor but soon became the industry standard in the fields of commerce, accountancy, and finance.