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Chartered Accountant – CA


Chartered Accountant (CA)

The Institute of Chartered Accountant of Pakistan (ICAP) was established on July 01, 1961 with the prime objective of regulating the profession of accountancy in Pakistan. It is a prestigious regulating body that promotes, develops and supports over 10,000 Chartered Accountants. It provides qualifications, professional growth and development, share knowledge, insight and technical expertise, and protect the worth and integrity of the accountancy profession.

Course Details


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Eligibility (practical experience if required)

There are two schemes of Entry:
  • Full-Time Study Scheme
  • Trainee Scheme

Full Time Study Scheme


This scheme caters to the students who want to join the profession after completing their 12-year education, namely, Higher School Certificate, A-Level, and other equivalent qualifications.

However, there is no bar for graduates to choose this stream.


  • Higher Secondary School Certificate with a minimum of 50% marks.
  • ‘A’ Levels with minimum two passes, or equivalent qualification.
  • Graduates with a minimum of 45% marks.

Assessment of fundamental competencies (AFC)

Before entering into the professional exams candidates pass or obtain an exemption from Assessment of Fundamental Competencies (AFC). A candidate may be provisionally registered for AFC exams as a Full-time student even if the result of pre-requisite qualification is awaited.

Education prior to Training

The candidates pass or obtain an exemption from the papers of Certificate in Accounting and Finance (CAF) prior to training.

Training and education

On successful completion of CAF, it is mandatory for the student to join an authorized training organization of the Institute for a prescribed period. Training includes specific learning hours for each field of specialization through practical experience. These standard working hours are mentioned in detail in the Training Regulations and Guidelines of the Institute.

To become a chartered accountant, the candidates are required to qualify the following stages:

  • Certified Finance and Accounting Professional (CFAP)
  • Multi-Subject Assessments (MSA)
    • Financial Reporting and Assurance – Professional Competence
    • Management – Professional competence.

Steps to Follow

  1. Submit your student registration form to any office of the institute. The institute will send you a registration card as proof of your registration.
  2. Start your studies according to the prescribed syllabus of Assessment of Fundamental Competencies. You may attend classes of Assessment of Fundamental Competencies in any of the RAETs (our preferred tuition centers). However, these classes are not compulsory.
  3. Examination & papers exemption fee Examination & Exemption Fees

Career Prospects

  • Obtaining such a qualification is evidence that the holder possesses skills and knowledge which are in high demand by employers in the industry, banking, auditing, consulting as well as other professions like taxation and law
  • The qualification has three and a half year mandatory training requirement with a Chartered Accountant firm ensuring the practical side of the qualification
  • Enables you to become competent enough to reach the topmost level of any business organization, including large multinationals, banks, leasing companies, etc.
  • Provides an opportunity to set up own Chartered Accountant firm, having a license to conduct statutory audits, provide tax and consultancy service

WHY CFE? (For particular course)

The qualification opens various opportunities to work in diversified fields such as finance, accounting, auditing, taxation, secretarial practices.

With a unique blend of theory and practice, chartered accountancy is the only qualification that equips its aspiring professionals with in-depth technical knowledge, business acumen, analytical skills, and ethical standards preparing them to reach the highest corporate ladder in a short span of time. Professionals with CA Pakistan qualifications are always in great demand in local and international markets to create value for their employers, clientele, and the public at large.

Chartered Accountants are individuals with the highest integrity, strategic thinking, and zeal for lifelong learning.

Join CA Pakistan qualification – unlocking endless opportunities.

Academic calendar (important dates)


Financial Support

  • Forms should be submitted to Manager Coordination/ Manager Operations.
  • Students will be interviewed by Manager Coordination/ Manager Operations.
  • Based on the interview, the recommendation is made to the Principal for Financial Assistance.
  • Principal approves the Financial Assistance as per policies of the institute and keeping in view the budget of donations- allocated.
  • All applications will be processed within one week of submission.

Academic Support

  • Providing STUDY CALENDAR to students before starting of every SESSION
  • Conducting and invigilation of Tests and providing feedback to parents.
  • Providing study support to students by way of Teacher Assistants of every subject.
  • Providing Study Material to students.
  • Maintaining students’ attendance and making phone calls to parents of absentees.
  • Preparation of aggregate reports and share it in mobile application (Google classroom)
  • Conduct students’ feedback

Teaching Methodology

On campus classes, online classes & recorded lectures based on;

  • ICAP study material for contents
  • Teachers’ class notes for concept building
  • Practice Material to strengthen the concepts
  • Comprehensive testing system
  • Past papers practice to enable learning of students to exam level extend
  • Session end revision classes

Internal Examination Structure

  • Conducting Weekly & Term Tests
  • Conducting Assessments & Mock Exams
  • Evaluating the quality &quantity of test
  • Evaluating the Quality of marking
  • Evaluating Students Performance after every test
  • Discussion of tests by teachers with students
  • Resolving Queries of Students after tests

AFC Examination (including CBE charges)

  • 1 paper > Rs. 5,600
  • 2 papers of the same stage > Rs. 9,800
  • 3 papers of same stage > Rs. 14,000
  • 4 papers of same stage > Rs. 18,200

CAF Examination

  • 1 paper > Rs. 4,200
  • 2 papers of the same stage > Rs. 7,000
  • 3 papers of the same stage > Rs. 9,800
  • 4 papers of same stage > Rs. 12,600
  • 5 papers of same stage > Rs. 15,400
  • Writing Skill Test > Rs. 1,900

CFAP & MSA Examination

  • 1 paper of CFAP > Rs. 8,700
  • For each additional paper > Rs. 3,400
  • Multi-Subject Assessment (One paper only) > Rs. 12,300
  • Multi Subject Assessment (Two papers) > Rs. 18,600
  • Annual subscription fee > Rs. 2,000

Testing System

  • Online AFC tests & physical testing under exam environment through independent invigilator
  • Making sure checking & delivery of Tests with remarks in time
  • Providing CAF students with Examiner’s comments & suggested solution
  • Test based discussion classes
  • Revision tests

Mobile App Support

  • We used to manage / file class-related data of students so that the required documents do available on a single click anywhere anytime. It arranges:
  • Soft copy of test question papers and suggested solution
  • Class notes
  • Test Reports
  • Class related information sharing
  • Online books availability (If teachers advise)
  • Student Attendance
  • Online tests

Rules and Regulations

  1. Registration fee is non-refundable and non-transferrable
  2. Admission process must be completed before commencement of classes by depositing institute’s dues
  3. If you wish to withdraw or transfer your fee (pre result) of one or more papers, you can do so by writing an application in the specified form to the course coordinator within 2 weeks from the commencement of the course
    • The fee shall be transferred without deduction
    • A deduction of 10% of the applicable fee shall be made at the time of refund
      No application for refund or transfer shall be entertained in any case after the expiry of the above period
  4. If you have appeared in the recent ACCA/AFD examination and awaiting the result, you can withdraw or transfer your fee upon the declaration of result by writing an application to the course coordinator within the period of one week from the announcement of the result
    • In the case of transfer, no deduction shall be made if the fee is transferred to the same paper in the next session.
    • In the case of paper change, 50% of the applicable fee is deducted and 50% will be transferred to immediate next session
    • In case of refund after the declaration of result, 50% of the applicable fee will be deducted
  5. If your application for fee refund or transfer is not in accordance with the above criteria, no such application shall be entertained. Please note that crossed cheque of fee refund shall be issued to the credit of the student or in the name of parents
  6. Any application for refund/transfer will be processed within one week after the above-mentioned deadlines
  7. Any outstanding dues must be cleared as per due dates
  8. After the expiry of the due date, students with an outstanding balance will not be allowed to take classes anymore
  9. Students are not allowed to drop any course/paper after enrollment
  10. If a student wishes to take an extra class of any paper with another batch, he/she must inform the respective course coordinator
  11. If a student wishes to re-sit in any course, a 50% tuition fee will be charged
  12. Course, for which a student is enrolled, may be canceled, due to any circumstance, beyond the institution’s control. However, in the event of such cancellation, students will be informed and fee submitted will be refundable without any deduction

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