Undergraduate Program

Chairman’s Message

Chairman’s Message

Dear Parents/ Students

Mind it, the world has never been so competitive as it is now. It is becoming quantitatively rich in minds and lacking quality in them. To meet the global demand for quality, we have to be more professional and qualitatively rich in knowledge.

We have learned from our previous intake of students that they are not professionally tuned to take up their professional studies. Our aim is to train and educate our students in such a way that when they go for professional studies like Engineering and Medical Sciences, they should be professionally equipped to take up their desired profession. Professionals are exciting in every walk of life. This world never ever relied more on professionally creative men as it is doing nowadays.

With the IT revolution, the world is exposed to every common man, we can only be identified if we make ourselves professionally smart, ‘Starting from where the world ends.’

Our dies of CFE College of Commerce and Science may be novel but the task is herculean yet practical. We are strongly motivated and have all the potential to take all initiatives: so, you should be!

Nothing can stop you, let’s join hands and grow together.

Thank you.

Aamir Amin
chairman CFE College