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CFE Vocational Training Institute

CFE Vocational Training Institute

In any country, skilled workforce is considered to be the backbone of industry and essential for its smooth operation and progress. The demand for technical education in our country is growing fast and a skilled person stands much better chances of getting gainful employment as compared to those having conventional general education.

CFE College of Technical Education was established in 20__ to cater for the needs of industry and other business concerns by providing opportunities of technical education to the youth, in various fields.

CFE College of Technical Education is accredited by the Technical Education & Vocational Training Authority Punjab (TEVTA) and affiliated with Punjab Board of Technical Education (PBTE) and Trade Testing Board (TTB). These three provincial bodies are supervised by the National Vocational and Technical Training Commission (NAVTTC) which formulates and maintains the national standards for technical education.

The college is imparting technical education, strictly in compliance with the National Vocational Qualification Framework (NVQF) formulated by NAVTTC and the prescribed curricula, and is also in the process of adopting Competency-Based Training and Assessment (CBT&A). A highly educated and experienced faculty has been entrusted with the duty of training the youth in well-equipped labs and comfortable classrooms with the help of modern audio-visual aids.

Presently three IT-based programs are being offered and the planning is underway to offer more, from other relevant technologies.

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Diploma in
Office Management


Diploma in Information Technology (IT)