CFE Group Of College | PU Affiliated College

CFE Group of Colleges is one of the prestigious colleges in the heart of Lahore. It has managed to have maintained the unparalleled reputation in the last seventeen years. It started off as an emerging force in the world of accountancy and management. But with its tremendous quality of education provided by the valued tutors, it has been able to become one of the leading institutes of commerce, science, accountancy, management, and finance. It initiated as a college for accountancy and finance but developed as a chief institute for commerce and science as well. Because of its associations with the international bodies, CFE has become a trademark in the sphere of business and accountancy and have managed to produce over 80,000 students to serve the world with the implausible skill set of ethics and logic.

CFE Group of college has not just managed to create a name nationally but internationally as well since the students who have acquired their degrees from CFE Group of colleges are serving the world not just in the country but across the globe as well. CFE Group of colleges along with being a number one institute in the field of accountancy and finance has also produced experienced professionals in the fields of commerce science as well. CFE has been recognized and made affiliation with institutes here in Pakistan as well. CFE Group of Colleges is PU Affiliated College with one of the most valued university in Pakistan i.e. The University of Punjab. The degree which the aspirants get from CFE Group of Colleges after the completion of their program is affiliated with Punjab University.

The affiliation of degrees with Punjab University has gained all the students getting masters or bachelor’s degree a benefit of being recognized in a dual way. One for the institute and its quality education that they get and one for the degree being recognized all over as PU affiliated degree.