CFE Group of College Is One of the Best GCUF Affiliated College in Lahore

CFE is striving for cultural and academic excellence. CFE group of colleges which is one of the reputed institutes and is also affiliated with Government College University Faisalabad GCUF. CFE is an active body working according to the international standards of education. CFE has the most knowledgeable and experienced teaching staff they are mostly M. Phil, Ph.D., in Sciences, Information technology, management and accountancy and finance which is one of the main requirement for GCUF Affiliated colleges. CFE as the best institute offers advanced and innovative syllabi which helps and encourages our students to build a better professional standing in their fields. We also have a multiple and an enormous collection of books for our students in an amazing library building which provides a very homely atmosphere to our students. Our students and staff has the facility to use internet service along with news updates from 10-12 different newspapers.

CFE have a wide range of books which are informative as well as knowledgeable, where the members are eligible to borrow books of any sort. CFE provides our students all the advance facilities for health and sports. Here at CFE extracurricular activities like educational trips are organized for students which are educational based as well as based on entertainment. We have all sports, gymnasium, games equipment’s for their faculty and students to keep the health and fresh. We as a family of CFE thinks that “A Healthy Body, A Healthy Mind”. CFE has well-equipped and managed laboratories for all discipline independently. We also feel that it is very helpful for the students to individually perform and absorb the practical knowledge through laboratories to learn and grasp more understanding about the specific field. In this rapidly growing world practical knowledge is as important as theoretical knowledge. CFE has two campuses for their students one of our building is for the Commerce students and the others is for Accountancy and Finance. The Campuses of CFE are well-secured, well-managed and well-maintained. We provide best security facility to our students and our staff to give them a homely environment. CFE has a computer laboratory which is equipped with up to 50 latest technology desktop computers, low cost laser printers, scanners and CD/DVD writers for our students, our highly skilled and professional support and assistance is always available for the candidates in an ideal work place. CFE ensures a successful and a bright career for our students. There are almost 4000 number of students enrolled in both our campuses. CFE as a reputed instituted believe that we can earn more glories and achievements in future by responding the requirements of the society. In every class we enroll almost 30 to 40 students, so that we can focus individually on every student and groom them professionally as well as exclusively. CFE treats all the students and faculty as family and for that they have a facility of first aid in case of emergency.

Furthermore, you are welcomed to experience the lively opportunities of CFE. In CFE you will join a lively community of students, experienced Teaching staff, intellectual research team, and mentor and guide to discover your abilities and potential. CFE is deeply engaged with the challenging tasks of devolving brilliants minds to the society. Here at CFE we contemplate that innovation and knowledge is a resource were generation matures.