Career Services in CFE

Career development is a journey which follows diverse steps. The career services office here in CFE Lahore offers one-on-one backing on pursuing the best career according to one’s will. wherever you stand – from choosing a career to getting admission for higher studies – Career services office delivers you with best counselling and assistance on career expansion. The office of career services has strong connections with the big names of companies around the globe. It helps students shape a better tomorrow by arranging everything they need right in campus.

The office of Career Services assures job placement and various events that take place in campus for a better outlook of the student such as announcements of different vacancies at top companies and industries, counselling hours with teachers and faculty to guide you better about the choice of your career, different information sessions about various topics and job requirements, systematizing several workshops that guide you about structuring your career and techniques to write a better resume and build your CV, Job Fairs comprising all the big companies (national and international), mock interview sessions, and Employer’s feedback. CFE Pakistan offers its pupils with this prodigious benefit of arraying internship opportunities.

Career services in CFE Lahore has a good setup of links in all the well-known companies and industries. It helps you build your career nationally as well as internationally. MERAJ international functions as the sole partner of CFE Pakistan who offers students with a platform where they can apply for higher studies in international universities. It offers the students of CFE Lahore free assessment services and free of charge interviews to study in well distinguished universities in Australia, UK, USA, Canada, Cyprus, Malaysia and New Zealand.

MI works proficiently with the students by making them accustomed in abroad by getting their courses exempted and meeting their visa requirements. MI is a successful associate of Pearson, British Council EILTS and city and guilds. CFE Pakistan is known well around the globe for its significantly maintained reputation of having its Alumni in top banks, audit firms, multinational companies and government sector.