Undergraduate Program



Aim of the BS program in Chemistry is to provide an uplifting nurturing environment that facilitates and simulates the active and explorative learning of Chemistry for the students. Includes attainment of chemical knowledge & laboratory skills required for a professional chemist and understanding of the Principles of Analytical, Inorganic, Organic, Applied, and Physical chemistry.


Minimum 12 years Bachelors with 45% Marks

Career Prospects

Chemistry is a stepping stone to a wide variety of job opportunities. While looking for a Widespread and interesting career, chemistry is at the heart of all the important fields such



Financial Support

Factory workers, their spouse and children can get 100% scholarship in respect of Admission Fee, Tuition Fee, Books, University Registration and Exam Fee, Transport and Hostel dues. Additionally, students receive scholarship cheque of Rs. 54,000 per annum.

Apply for the Admission

Apply for the Admission