• Candidate having an Intermediate degree (F.A, F. Sc., ICS, I.COM etc) equivalent examination from a recognized board

Benefits of Studying Bachelors in Business Administration from CFE

  • CFE has the required faculty in accordance to the standards set by Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education. All the faculty members are qualified professionals from prestigious institutions around the globe
  • The infrastructure of CFE has been designed not only to accommodate the required number of students but give them the comfort provided by an A grade institution of Pakistan
  • CFE has state of the art computer laboratories providing students with an absolute learning environment
  • CFE has properly organized and well-developed library that helps students to fulfill their self-study requirements
  • Cafeterias of all of our campuses help students relax after hectic study hours
  • Placement offices strive for students’ job placements in esteemed organizations

CFE's Affiliation

Affiliated with  private sector Universities


Financial Assistance

  • The financial assistance approved will be applicable for the current session only. If a student wishes to apply for the next session, a new application along with the new enclosure will be required and complete procedure to be followed.

The financial assistance approved in the previous qualification will not be carried forward. A new application will need to be assessed again.


  • Car for 1st Position - holder in PU final exam
  • Cash or other prizes are awarded to those students who gain positions in the monthly and mid-term exams. Prizes will also be offered for showing excellent performance in various extracurricular activities


Marks Obtained in Intermediate (F.A, F. Sc, ICS, and I.COM)

Marks Obtained Scholarships
(%age of Tuition Fee)
80% and Above 60% *Scholarship
75% - 79% 50% *Scholarship
70% - 74% 40% *Scholarship
65% - 69% 30% *Scholarship


General Category Scholarships

Category Scholarship
Student domiciled and resident outside Lahore 20%
Hafiz –e-Quran 20%
Orphans 20%
Kinship scholarships apply to all existing and passed out CFEites 30%

Scholarship Sustainability Criteria:
In order to remain eligible for a scholarship next semester:

  • The student will have to maintain 75% attendance
  • 65% passing percentage in every semester internal and external exam


  • The scholarship does not include exam fees
  • Kinship scholarships apply to all existing and passed-out CFEites
  • Students with 'Failure' in one subject can get admissions on Provisional Basis
  • No refund of fee in case of failure in Supplementary Exams
  • Scholarships are only for the fresh students

Documentation Required at the Time of Admission:

  • 3 Copies of last passed exam
  • 1 Character Certificate For Regular Students
  • 3 Copies of Father's/ Mother's CNIC
  • 4 Passport Size Pictures
  • 1 Copy of NOC (Students from outside Lahore)


  • Professional faculty members of MBA and M.COM will teach BBA students

Admission Rules 

  • College can refuse, very, reverse or terminate any enrolment on the basis of untrue, misleading or incomplete information.
  • Reviewing and interpreting policies for better academic discipline by the College authority is not challengeable. No prior notice is obligatory.
  • To accommodate modern trends College authorities have complete right to change the course requirement, fee, course nomenclature, course content, class schedules, venue, faculty, etc. any time.
  • In case of any change in my mailing address, the student shall immediately inform the College Office.
  • 80% attendance and 60% marks are a must in the previous year/ for continuing fee concession/ scholarship in the next year. For this purpose, a fresh application shall be submitted.
  • Any student aggrieved by any event in the College shall lodge a complaint with the Principal/Registrar and not with outside authority unless the Principal/ Registrar permit him/ her to do so.
  • The college has the right to withdraw scholarships/ discount and any other fee concession provided to the students subject to his non-compliance with a prescribed stipulation.
  • In case of failure in send-up examination/ poor attendance/dues default, the student shall be treated as ineligible to apply/ appear for Board/ University/ College Examination.
  • Students shall attend classes regularly as required by the institution as well as by the Board regulations.
  • The registration/ admission fees of Board and University shall be paid by the students.
  • All fees are non-refundable and non-transferable Student shall apply for admission with the consent of the parents/guardians. If admitted, the student shall abide by the rules and regulations of the College.

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) In Lahore & In Pakistan

BBA is a four-year degree program which is chosen by the students who will set out headed straight toward the management board and business. This specific course serves the necessities to those students who need to seek after their vocation in the administration calling or towards advanced education in business organization. The name of the degree states everything. BBA represents Bachelors in Business Administration. This is a course planned with a progression of hypothetical and useful addresses that enables students to develop their abilities like authority, cooperation, basic leadership, quantitative techniques, and correspondence. BBA is a four-year degree program in this way it has 8 semesters altogether in which you can think about a portion of the elective courses. BBA in Pakistan has been detailed to meet all the basic courses which are required to hold fast out in the business circle. With the developing economy of Pakistan and the world, BBA is coming increasingly more into center while picking a college degree program. BBA in Pakistan is viewed as one of the fruitful decisions for the students who need to keep carrying on with their life encompassed by business choices and arrangements by choosing for MBA sometime down the road.

Punjab University Affiliated College For BBA In Lahore Pakistan

OF the considerable number of schools and foundations that offer BBA, Punjab University and its subsidiary school stand brilliant. Both of these organizations have the normal expense structure which can be managed by the students in Lahore and for the individuals who are out-positioned. Furthermore, there are different grants and money related guides which an aspirant can get the opportunity to seek after his future in the business circle. BBA in Lahore has been made simple by one of the Colleges which can be spotted at a prime area in Lahore and serves the degree in such the perfect measure of overhead, i.e. CFE Group of Colleges. It offers the PU Affiliated University degree toward the finish of the four-year graduation program. There are various choices once you have finished BBA with a decent score. You can seek after a post-advanced education in the board and sciences, land a position in fund consultancies or partnership area, be a business visionary, work in government division, work in remote international safe havens, have some expertise in a part of your decision, pick an alternate segment out of the executives and business, school arrangement, inclining occupations, pay scale, and so on.

There are various employments that one can seek after BBA in Pakistan. These employments essentially are in the business circle yet there can be one specific intrigue that one can seek.

BBA is a very fundamental course if one has to pursue his future in business management and information analytical department. BBA lays the foundation for all the further business-oriented studies and degrees. BBA students already have built the abilities of decision making, leadership, teamwork, communications, and analytical and empirical research. Thus, as soon as a BBA student steps out in the rising market of business he gets to grab a position in one of the growing consultancy or corporation. The global economy is rising like a jet and thus grows the need of business managers all across the globe. This brings in the need of more and more students who choose business studies for their future.  Therefore, the scope of BBA or business studies is ever rising in the world.

Many universities and colleges offer BBA in Pakistan both in government and the private sector. BBA in Lahore has been made easy by a number of institutes that offer the course. But right with the increased demand for BBA rises the number of students who are willing to get enrolled. This in result raises the merits and the fee structure. Not all colleges have the high amount of remuneration price neither all of them provide the standard amount of knowledge or through the specifically designed process. Therefore, even in Lahore there are left a few numbers of colleges that can be opted for graduating in Business Administration.

BBA in Pakistan is chosen as an undergraduate degree only after completing 12 standards. BBA is considered one of the most successful degrees in Pakistan also because it promises its students employability at entry level in management profession by helping them excel in their personal as well as professional life. BBA in Pakistan is a rich blend of courses that help students to stand out in their communication abilities while making decisions in written form or orally and presenting them to a diverse audience. It helps the students to communicate confidently while presenting solutions to every business-related problem through their thinking skills to access information and evaluation of relevant information for decision making in an uncertain environment. Understanding the need of teamwork and dynamic group projects while demonstrating effectively the overall functional business knowledge and to identify and interpret the core business concepts and providing with a feasible solution to every problem that stands in the way.

While formulating the degree program BBA in Pakistan it is kept in mind to make the students study the fundamental and significant business subjects in their first semester. Some of the important subject in BBA includes science, English, fundamental of business, business math 1, IT in business etc. There is a long list of subjects that a student must study in his four years as a student of BBA in Pakistan which can be formulated differently by different institutes here in Pakistan, but it has been made sure that each and every subject gets the maximum required time and the students get the full understanding of the subject throughout their time period. Aspirants of BBA degree study all the business-related subjects in four years including the particular ones that embark towards specific concentration. Thus, all the subjects offered in BBA in Lahore Pakistan are for the students who aspire to enter the business workforce. From international trades to consumer trends, BBA is an ideal degree for all the students who have business-oriented minds.

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