BBA In Pakistan

BBA is a four-year degree program which is elected by the aspirants who are willing to embark on the road to management and business. This particular course serves the needs to those students who want to pursue their career in the management profession or towards higher education in business administration. The name of the degree states it all. BBA stands for Bachelors in Business Administration. This is a course designed with a series of theoretical and practical lectures that helps students build up their skills like leadership, teamwork, decision making, quantitative methods, and communication. BBA is a four-year degree program thus it has 8 semesters in total in which you can choose to study some of the elective courses. BBA in Pakistan has been formulated to meet all the essential courses which are required to make a stand out in the business sphere. With the growing economy of Pakistan and the world, BBA is coming more and more into focus while choosing an undergraduate degree program. BBA in Pakistan is considered one of the successful choices for the students who want to continue living their life surrounded by business decisions and solutions by electing for MBA later in life.

 The list of all the subjects through 4 years and eight semesters are as following;
(This may vary from one university to another)

1st Year 2nd Year 3rd Year 4th Year
1st Semester 3rd Semester 5th Semester 7th Semester
1. Intro to Micro Econ 
2. Mathematics I 
3. Statistics I 
4. Computing for Business & Economics I 
5. Communication Skills
1. Principles of Management
2. Principles of Marketing 
3. Language, Culture & Society / Intro to English Literature 
4. Psychology 
5. Financial Accounting, I 
6. Computing for Business & Economics III
1. Intro to Consumer Behavior
2. Financial Mgmt II 
3. Intro to Capital Markets 
4. Technology & Environment 
5. Environmental Issues: Intro 
6. OB & HRM 
1. Banking 
2. Intro to Taxation & Auditing / Risk Management 
3. Research Methods 
4. Operations Mgmt 
5. Pakistan Studies
2nd Semester 4th Semester 6th Semester 8th Semester
1. Intro to Macro Econ 
2. Mathematics II 
3. Statistics II 
4. Computing for Business & Economics II 
5. Academic Writing 
6. Islamic Studies
1. Financial Management I 
2. Environmental Science: Intro 
3. Business Communication
4. Sociology 
5. Creative Writing 
6. Financial Accounting II
1.Financial Statement Analysis 
2. Investments 
3. International Relations 
4. Environmental Impact Assessment 
5. Business Law 
6. Marketing Mgmt
1. Strategic Mgmt 
2. Entrepreneurship & SME Management 
3. Supply Chain Mgmt
4. Cost Accounting
5. Research project

There are a number of jobs that one can pursue after BBA in Pakistan. These jobs mainly are in the business sphere yet there can be one particular interest that one or the other represents. The list of the areas that one can apply in for jobs after BBA are;


Business consultancies

Business Houses

Educational Institutes

Export companies

Financial organizations

Industrial houses

Multinational companies

Marketing organizations.