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CFE group of colleges over a period of seventeen years has rapidly established. It started off as a competitor in the field of accounting and finance but soon emerged as one of the leading institutions in Pakistan. With several associations with internationally recognized institutions CFE has become a trade mark which has proudly groomed over 80,000 students in the field of accounting. It has expanded its wings and now also provides services in other educational fields of commerce and management sciences.




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MR. ASIM AMINPrincipal of CFE
This is a matter of great pride for me to have an opportunity to share some of the advancements that are taking place in this corporate world. Pakistan is contributing a lot to address the increasing human resource needs of the world. Especially with reference to the rapidly developing era of banking and finance sectors, the need for trained and skilled human capital has become immense than ever before.
Mind it, the world has never been so competitive as it is now. It is becoming quantitatively rich in minds and lacking quality in them. To meet the global demand of quality, we have to be more professional and qualitatively rich in knowledge.
It is a matter of great satisfaction for me that the top management of CFE is highly educated, thoroughly professional, truly educationists and above all inspiring human beings.

College Of Accountancy, Management and Finance

CFE Group of colleges is one of the most vibrant institutions. CFE is the best college of Accountancy, Management and Finance, which shines as an inspiration of superiority and excellence on the prospect of higher education. CFE has adopted to sustain and stand up high, within the country, addressing the needs of the fast fluctuating world. CFE has a great infrastructure in respect to the personal and professional grooming of their students. Since 17 year CFE is known for one of the best private institution with regard to their faculty, all the faculty members are very helpful and supportive, the faculty always motivate the students to achieve their true potential. CFE offers different Management courses like BBA, MBA and M.Com, whereas in the Accountancy and Finance Department CFE is offering ACCA UK, ACCA Foundation Diploma (AFD), CA (PK), CFA (USA) and BSc (hon.) UK Sc (hons.)(UK) on the other hand CFE also have a commerce department in which we offer Intermediate (Pre medical, Pre engineering and ICS), graduation and Pre 1st year.

CFE the college of Accountancy, Management and Finance is dignified to play a leading role to boost our nation’s emerging minds into knowledge-driven economy so that we can improve the lives of our youth and contribute toward the betterment of the society. CFE has versatile and creative minds, who are the society’s torch bearers, they have the will and enthusiasm to make masses through need based innovations. CFE also have brilliant students nurturing different challenges with towering stature world and can fight the future confidently in this fast changing economy.

GCUF Affiliated College

CFE group of colleges which is one of the respectable institutions is also affiliated with Government College University Faisalabad GCUF. CFE’s has the most experienced and knowledgeable faculty they are mostly M. Phil, Ph.D., in Sciences, Information technology, management and accountancy and finance which is one of the requirements for GCUF Affiliated College. CFE has a multiple and an enormous range of books for their students in an amazing library building which provides a very homely atmosphere to our students where they can use internet service along with news updates from 10-12 different newspapers. Here at CFE we provide our students extracurricular activities like educational tips, sports, gymnasium, games etc. CFE has well-equipped laboratories for every discipline individually, which is very helpful for the students to learn and grab knowledge, in this fast evolving world practical knowledge is as important as theoretical knowledge. CFE has two building for their students one campus is for the Commerce students and the others is for Accountancy and Finance, both of our campuses are well-secured, well-managed and well-maintained. The computer laboratory is equipped with up to 50 latest technology desktop computers, low cost laser printers, scanners and CD/DVD writers for our students, our highly skilled and professional support and assistance is always available for the candidates in an ideal work place. There are almost 4000 number of students enrolled in both our campuses. In every class we enroll almost 30 to 40 students. CFE has a facility of first aid in case of emergency.

PU Affiliated Colleges

CFE is affiliated with University of the Punjab PU. CFE group of colleges the center of excellence is dedicated to uphold its quality and superiority, for which CFE maintains its fundamental standards to sustain its reputation for a well-known institution. CFE group of colleges has its own library, laboratory, canteen, a playing area for students, a dispensary for first aid equipment and a girl’s common room. CFE group of colleges has two campuses which have same facilities for girls which is one of the requirements for PU Affiliated College. CFE provides a massive amount of books in the library which are knowledgeable as well as informative; there is a librarian and assistants always there to help the student’s queries. CFE also have a playing area with sports facilities for students to keep them healthy and enthusiastic, they are help and supported by a sports officer who is a professional in different aspects. CFE is grooming their male students and on the other hand they have also given their female students a platform where they encourage them to evolve and to stand up with the experience of our society and focus on their innovative ideas in the emerging new world. CFE also offers evening classes as well as morning classes for Management, Accountancy and Finance Collage in which they have enrolled the equal number of students which is around 30 to 40 per class. CFE focus on professional development of individuals by providing them quality education.


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CFE Group of Colleges started out as an industry competitor but soon became the industry standard in the fields of commerce, accountancy, and finance.